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“Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind”


Leonardo da Vinci, inventor, artist.

There are several muscle relaxation techniques. On this page we will explain what these techniques and give a brief introduction to each.
As mentioned in previous articles (see Natural Muscle Relaxers), currently live in a society that demands a lifestyle sometimes intense for our body, producing such high levels of stress, usually illness or injury resulting therefrom in major muscle.

What research tells about

muscle relaxation techniques?

Several U.S. universities have conducted studies on the subject, and the conclusions always coincide at a certain point, and is to be applied muscle relaxation techniques helps a lot to a rapid recovery.
It has also been shown that muscle relaxation exercises daily, results can be surprising, even completely change the lives of people who practice it, always creating a welfare state and health excellence.
People who experience this process of change, often shared with family and friends every positive leap in quality of life.

But what are the types of muscle relaxation techniques?

To be more clear we will divide the types of relaxation techniques into four main groups:

Muscle-Relaxation-Techniques-Group4_thumb.jpgGROUP 1

Muscle Relaxation Techniques.

Autogenic training.

It is a technique widely used and disseminated by the psychologists. It leads a person to a state of relaxation through visual stimulation, with stimulation of muscle memory. It induces a person to imagine a peaceful and relaxing, and then bring to mind different physical sensations such as heat or cold may be physical, relaxed breathing, the soft heartbeat, and so on.

Muscle-Relaxation-Exercises-Group3_thumb.jpgGROUP 2

Muscle Relaxation Techniques.


There are several breathing techniques, according to the schools they come from, but all are based on achieving an appropriate concentration and feeling both the inhalation and exhalation of air to and from the lungs.

Muscle-Relaxation-Exercises-Group1_thumb.jpgGROUP 3

Muscle Relaxation Techniques.

Progressive muscle relaxation.

This muscle relaxation technique involves making progressive tensions in different parts of the body, usually starting in the feet and ending with the head. Tensing the muscles must display accompanied with a conscious thought of what is being done,followed by a step muscle release.



Muscle Relaxation Techniques.


There are various ways to practice meditation applied to muscle relaxation, but among the most practical existing two, Transcendental Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.
The first is based states of meditation without using phrases or words and the second focusing on thoughts and feelings.




Muscle Relaxation Techniques can help a lot in our journey towards better health.
If you have not done so, we recommend you download our guide to the initiation in muscle relaxation.

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