Muscle Relaxation Exercises Guide

“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it”

John Ruskin, writer, art critic and British sociologist.

In this section we will develop an overview of the different ways of doing muscle relaxation exercises.
As is well known, the stress of every day, a hectic lifestyle, family problems, and many other factors can result in muscle contractions.
These muscle contractions should be treated, or otherwise, will continue to increase to produce intense pain and various health problems arising.

When and how should we practice

muscle relaxation exercises?

The moments of choice for muscle relaxation exercises are the morning and evening, although this time of day use is not possible, is best done in alternative times than not.

The purpose of this muscle jobs is to eliminate the tension produced in the muscles of our body, applying some of the techniques described in this website.

What are the benefits of muscle relaxation exercises?

When applying any of the muscle relaxation techniques to loosen our muscles, we get, in addition to muscle relaxation, relief from stress faster, improved airway, reduction of fatigue, a significant increase in the levels of concentration, improved circulation with better blood oxygenation and blood pressure stabilization.
Is also achieved pain relief in joints and limbs and body to reduce fatigue minimal.


Muscle relaxation exercises are specific for this purpose

and should not be mistaken thinking that this is an impact exercises.
Moreover, we should always, mixing muscular relaxation exercises with other exercises to keep healthy all muscle groups.
All known techniques are effective. The important thing is that everyone will find the one that best suits your body.

We distinguish 4 groups:

Yoga, Pilates, meditation and other derivatives of control.

Muscle-Relaxation-Exercises-Group1Should be practiced in a comfortable and free of noise and interruptions. If possible outdoors, provided they do not make excessive heat, or in a heated and ionized.
You can split sessions to first think, then move to exercises.
If the goal is muscle relaxation, meditation can be applied consciously or transcendental, the first most effective for treatment.
It is advisable to drink plenty of water after completion of the sessions.


Acupressure techniques.

Muscle-Relaxation-Exercises-Group2According to many experts, this is the best treatment for stress and muscle tension, its focus on the affected spots.
Acupressure techniques can be performed at home, but it is always advisable to do so in a specialized center. This technique consists of applying pressure in different parts of our body, causing a reaction that reduces the discomfort immediately and in a very subtle.
The best results are obtained with this technique when combined with acupuncture.


Deep breathing techniques.

Muscle-Relaxation-Exercises-Group3This technique is applied preferably in patients with some type of physical condition that prevents the application of any other form of relaxation more physical, such as people with cardiovascular disease.
They are usually mild but highly effective treatments.
It is often combined with music therapy, and mental stimulation, and in some cases with gentle stretching.


Muscle-Relaxation-Exercises-Group4It is highly recommended if your case is the body charged with typical mental stress and physical exhaustion resulting from above.
A good habit is to create a pre-massage, for example aromatherapy baths, some music therapy, or other method to let out your inner calm.
There are a variety of massages, and specialists in different parts of the body.
You can get a steady state with only one full session a month. Try it and see results within months.

These are just some of Muscle Relaxation Exercises.

We recommend you try as many as possible in order to choose the one that suits your body.
Remember that the goal is to be completely happy and live each day more positive.


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