A few days have revealed the results of some studies on absenteeism in the U.S., and the result shows, as described in the following article, that Work Absence and Muscle Relaxers for Back Pain, are two factors to be considered by doctors.

Work Absence and Muscle Relaxers for Back Pain

A lack of professionalism or requirement of patients?

Article from BestMedicalCover

Counselling sessionPrivate back pain specialists ‘often recommend work absence’
Research suggests that private medical insurance policyholders are often advised to take time off work if they suffer from back pain.

People with private medical insurance who suffer from low back pain are often advised to take time off work, a survey has found.
Researchers at Royal Holloway, University of London surveyed 337 private musculoskeletal practitioners, including chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, in order to determine their beliefs on patients returning to work.
They found that practitioners commonly advise people with low back pain to take time off work, despite guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommending otherwise.

Should doctors be limited to prescribing muscle relaxers for back pain relief ?

And patients, can use natural muscle relaxers for back pain ? or muscle relaxers for back pain, over counter ?

Work Absence and Muscle Relaxers for Back Pain in numbers:

Eighty per cent of respondents said they sometimes recommend taking time off work, while a further 14 per cent said they often or always suggest a period of sick leave.
The majority of practitioners said they prescribe exercises that can be carried out at work, but seventy per cent admitted that they never visit patients’ workplaces.
Writing in Pain journal, the study authors revealed: “Our study confirms that, in contrast to current guidelines, many practitioners believe that low back pain necessitates work absence.
“Overall, practitioners perceived their role in returning patients to work as limited, and believed that direct contact with employers was beyond their remit.”
Professor Tamar Pincus, who led the research, said that low back pain is one of the most costly health problems.
“Our findings suggest that, despite guidelines that encourage an active recovery in relation to returning to work, many clinicians hold a range of beliefs that contradict this advice, and these beliefs can influence their clinical decisions and behaviors,” she added.

As you can see in this article of Work Absence and Muscle Relaxers for Back Pain, we can interpret a lack of professionalism more than a demand by patients. Should doctors visit their patients with back problems in their work to check the safety conditions at work? Perhaps, although it is somewhat complicated by the medical systems of today, but surely this kind of problems are more easily resolved if better meet work safety standards, in addition to campaign for prevention of occupational hazards.

One thing the “Muscle Relaxers List” Team can say: It would be interesting to find a balance where the doctors take a little more responsibility, both patients to stop pretending and making better use of Natural Muscle Relaxers to solve Work Absence and Muscle Relaxers for Back Pain.