See these posts. I am horrified. As there may be so out of control consumption, if we know how damaging are some drugs used as muscle relaxants.

What these young people think about

Muscle Relaxers List and Muscle Relaxer Medications ?

I feel good right now

Back is barely noticeable, mood is up and normal.

I feel a little like weird though still.

Took 5mg of a muscle relaxer last night, and didn’t feel it, so i took the other 5mg half. Didn’t make me feel anything physically, but did make my mind and mood become normal/better.

And I slept!

Though the more I’m awake, the more the back becomes more noticeable. I just hope it lasts so I can see Latterman tonight.

But it makes me sad it took me prescription drugs to feel normal :/

Muscle-Relaxers-List-General-Image-060So I grew up in the country.

I lived on a ‘farm’ for about half my life, until we had to move due to my sister becoming deaf. Any who, we had horses. And so.. we had horse muscle relaxer.

Let me tell you after having a shin splint, this muscle relaxer comes in handy. It’s like icy hot, times a million without the getting hot part. Oh sweet baby Jesus. Thank you.


It sucks having bad knees. The pain that is currently radiating through my knees is ride! To make things worse I can’t remember the exercises they taught me during physical therapy :(. Sooo I’m about to hop on this Loratab train and float on. I’ll be speaking gibberish and dreaming random things shortly…yusss! =P

My exact thoughts at the moment (I’m on muscle relaxers, tumblr, and watching HP&DH1)

I’m going to fuc… start to loose it in exactly 48 hours.

Harry Potter has been the most significant thing in my life since the 5th grade, when I first read the Sorcerer’s Stone.

It just took me a good 30 seconds, and Google to spell Sorcerer.

I think I might pass out.

Whatever. I’m not going to sleep.

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What world do we live?

Why do young people turn to pills so much as an escape to your social life?

Are we the adults responsible for this behavior?

I think so. We have enough responsibility. And we have to change that soon.

Let’s open a discussion about Muscle Relaxers List and Muscle Relaxer Medications in this article ….

I hope your participation.