muscle-relaxation-exercisesIf the weather is not good, it’s time to go home and do muscle relaxation exercises indoors.
In this video Dr. Krista Archer gives us the necessary guidelines to get started.





Dr. Krista Archer on keeping you healthy when your workout moves inside.

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If you are performing the exercises at home, you should read this article.

At Home Workouts

Author: Michael Greeves

There are many indoor workout routines you can do from the comfort of your own home. You do not have to go to an expensive gym and pay the fees as well as pay for the fuel to get to the gym.

Many people these days have the Wii. You can buy Wii Fit and other types of games that really get you moving. Make sure you have your Wii in a large enough area to do one of your workout routines. Wear comfortable clothing and good tennis shoes. If you have long hair, place it in a portal. The Wii Fit will help you keep track of your weight, goals and the exercise routines you have accomplished.

If you have a Nordick Track Ski Machine take that laundry off of it and brush off the dust. The Nordick Track Ski Machine is a phenomenal way to lose weight. You are getting an all over body workout. You are not damaging your joints either. Since the Nordick Track Ski Machine is an aggressive workout you can start very slowly. You may only want to do ten minutes or less the first few days and work your way up to at least twenty minutes per day.

Muscle Relaxation Exercises


 Remember the workout routines you did as a child in physical education class? You can do sets of jumping jacks, jogging in place, leg kicks, arm circles, add leg weights to your leg kicks as well as to your arm exercises. Add sets of crunches, push ups and leg lifts.

Leg lunges are a great addition to any of the workout routines. You are strengthening your upper legs so you will have strong muscles to stay steady and walk more safely as you age.

If you do not have an indoor treadmill you may choose to invest in one. Instead of paying the gym fees year after year, why not own your own piece of equipment? In the long run you will save money. When looking for a treadmill find one that will adjust. You want to be able to run on the flat treadmill as well as slowly raise it up to multiple levels. This way once you are advanced at the treadmill exercise you can walk or run up the “hill.” When jogging/running up a hill you are getting to the buttocks and toning them right up.

There are many indoor workout routines that will save you gas money driving to and from a gym, save you money from member fees and save you time since you do not have to drive anywhere. You will have your workout routines right in your home so you have no excuse not to get moving!  

Even though this is one of the more complicated muscle relaxation exercises, it’s worth your time if you suffer from muscle pain.

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