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Most athletes usually have muscle problems daily, as they work with their muscles to the limit. And the solutions are so many and so varied that we leave a lot of possibilities to choose from, according to our physical condition and goals.

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Muscle Relaxation Exercises for Calf Strain

A calf strain or pull is a common injury among soccer players, but the injury can occur in a variety of other sports as well. Calf strains or pulls can be a very debilitating medical condition, especially if there is constant pain during the sport. An athlete needs to perform many exercises during the rehabilitation process in order to get back to his or her sport gradually.

Here are three of the best stretching exercises to rehabilitate a calf strain, which every athlete should do in order to get back to participating in sports.

Range of Motion Stretch


If an athlete is recovering from a calf strain, one of the most important stretching exercises to do is range of motion stretches. Range of motion stretches are important for an athlete to recover, because it can help build flexibility and elasticity in the calf muscle, while also rebuilding movement. To do a range of motion stretch, an athlete should place his or her hands on a wall, making sure that the hands are shoulder length apart. The athlete should place one foot forward so he or she is in a stride position, both heels should be firmly on the floor, and then shift the body weight onto the foot in the front. The athlete should then push back onto the wall, which will force the body backward, and there should be a slight pull in the calf muscle. An athlete will need to hold this position for 30 seconds, before stopping and going back to starting position. The same stretch should be used for the opposite foot, and that should also be held for 30 seconds, before stopping the stretch.

Soleus Muscle Stretch

The soleus muscle stretch is also important for an athlete to do, if he or she is recovering from a calf muscle strain. Once the range of motion has started to return to the calf area, other stretches are important to add more advanced range of motion to the affected area. The soleus muscle stretch is exactly what it sounds like; it helps stretch and adds flexibility to the sole of the foot, which is crucial for calf strain recovery. To do this exercise, an athlete should sit down with the heels of the feet on a step. An athlete should place an object in the lap, such a few books, and then push down with his or her body weight. The downward force will help for the heels of the feet down into the floor, which helps stretch the calf muscle. The athlete should not be in pain during this exercise, but he or she might feel a slight burn from the muscle stretching. The push downward toward the floor should be held for 30 seconds, and then repeated five times.

Resistance Band Stretch

Muscle Relaxation Exercises for Calf Strain

resistance band stretch

Muscle-Relaxers-List-General-Image-023The resistance band stretch is also vital for an athlete recovering from a calf muscle strain, and it can help rebuild strength in the calf muscle. Using a resistance band is nice because an athlete can often do these exercises anywhere, whether he or she is at home or traveling in a car. In order to do the resistance band stretch, an athlete should be sitting down, while placing one foot through the resistance band, and then grabbing the other end of the band with the hands. The band should then be pulled toward the athlete, while at the same time being pushed away from him or her with the foot. The resistance should be held for 15 seconds, and then repeated 10 times with the same foot. After the exercise has been repeated 10 times, an athlete should then repeat the entire exercise 10 more times with the other foot. This exercise will help rebuild the muscle strength in the calf, since the body weight is being used to push and pull the band at the same time.

I have worked in the dietary department of a hospital for three years, obtained certification in nurse assisting, and also went to vocational school for Allied Health.

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