If you want to buy muscle relaxers without a medical prescription, can make available in pharmacies over the Internet. Many people make this type of purchase, and if you made it with the respective precautions, shopping can be inexpensive, easy and convenient.

Note that it is you who assume, always, risks, and you know that there may be Muscle Relaxants side effects.

Alice (Health Writer) say:

Muscle-Relaxers-List-General-Image-030Muscle relaxers have muscle-relaxing effects that are most likely the result of their ability to suppress the central nervous system. This is the reason why these drugs are also called sedatives. You will be prescribed with muscle relaxers if you are found suffering from muscle spasms followed by low back pain. To provide relief from acute low back pain these medications are found to be highly effective. With these medications, you can improve pain condition, muscle tension and mobility. Another effectiveness of these is found during treatment of chronic low back pain. Regular use of muscle relaxers for chronic pains has led to an overall improvement in patients.

Muscle Relaxants side effects

The use of muscle relaxants can lead to many side effects. These commonly include drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, urinary retention and possible addiction or dependence. You should consult the doctor immediately as you observe these symptoms. The doctor might change the dosage or ask you to completely discontinue the use of muscle relaxers. The decision will be taken after observing the particular response in the patient. Taking an overdose of the muscle relaxers is not recommended at all. Also, even if the pain condition starts to improve, the dosage should not be altered without consultation with the doctor. There can be many withdrawal symptoms observed as you start to lower the dose or discontinue the use of these drugs.

Cautions while taking muscle relaxers

A good time to take these medications is generally before going to bed. When you are under the effect of muscle relaxers, you should avoid driving and use of any dangerous machinery. Muscle relaxers are not found suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers so these women should inform the doctor of their condition. Prescribing muscle relaxers to children under 12 and the very elderly is also not very common. In case there is a history of alcohol or drug abuse, or addiction, such an individual should not be given muscle relaxers. Even for others, the use of muscle relaxers should be for a shorter duration in order to avoid addiction. Muscle relaxers can be habit forming.


Muscle-Relaxers-List-FLEXERIL-00Most common muscle relaxers

Some of the common names in the list of popular muscle relaxants include Carisoprodol such as Soma, Diazepam such as Valium, Cyclobenzaprine such as Flerexil. There are over one hundred brands of muscle relaxers available in the market to pick from.

As you can see, there are few cases in which the use of muscle relaxants is not recommended. You know, if you use muscle relaxants, it is advisable to consult your physician and inform of Muscle Relaxants side effects.