It is an interesting book. And you can help us to realize that no one escapes the pain of back and neck muscles. In this case…

Celebrities who use Muscle Relaxer Medications

Dr. Vincent Fortanasce of San Juan Capistrano, whose patients have included Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Tom Lasorda and Sylvester Stallone, says isometrics can ease pain without doctors, exercise equipment and hard effort.



A San Juan Capistrano neck and back doctor has written a new book that shares techniques he has used on patients including baseball legend Tom Lasorda, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and actor Sylvester Stallone.

Dr. Vincent Fortanasce, a neurologist who practices at the Arcadia-based Fortanasce Neurology Center, attended USC and Yale University and has been a San Juan Capistrano resident for eight years. His six published books include “Life Lessons From Little League,” “Life Lessons From Soccer,” “The Official American Youth Soccer Organization Handbook,” “The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription” and his latest, “End Back & Neck Pain,” published by Human Kinetics.

Though he has treated many celebrities, he says you don’t have to be famous to benefit from his new book, which sells for about $12 on and also is available at and in bookstores such as Barnes & Noble.

“Ninety-five percent of people will get low back or spinal pain, and 48 percent will have recurring pain,” Fortanasce said in an interview.

Fortanasce wrote the 210-page “End Back & Neck Pain” with Robert G. Watkins and David Gutkind. He calls it an “empowerment book” that can teach readers how to prevent pain by starting isometric exercises, which do not require gym equipment or strenuous effort. They involve working joints and muscles while in static positions.

“Why doesn’t anybody tell you about isometric exercises? Because guess how much equipment they can sell you teaching isometric exercise? None,” Fortanasce said.

Fortanasce said the book will help the average person tell why he or she is experiencing neck and back pain, without seeing a doctor.

“The book teaches you how to know what your pain sounds like,” Fortanasce said. That gives readers a chance to treat their pain with no-cost exercises, he said.

One celebrity who testifies to Fortanasce’s techniques is former Dodgers manager Lasorda. “I had bad neck pain and I needed to go see someone and here came Dr. Fortanasce,” Lasorda said in an interview. “I had pain and then it was gone.”

Lasorda said he and Fortanasce have been friends more than 10 years. Lasorda said hasn’t yet read Fortanasce’s new book but plans to when he has time.

Fortanasce often checks up on Lasorda and his wife and sometimes stops by to say hello, said Lasorda, a resident of Fullerton for more than 50 years.

“In my opinion, he’s a brilliant man,” Lasorda said. “He cares about people, and people love him.”

Fortanasce doesn’t claim his exercises will cure everyone’s pain or that there is no need for chiropractors or medications. But he said the techniques can dramatically reduce the need for both.

Fortanasce said one reason he wrote the book is that the cost incurred by Americans who pay to be diagnosed and treated for back and neck pain is more than $40 billion a year, the third-highest medical cost in the country.

As a person gets older, problems associated with back and neck pain get worse. “There’s not enough prevention,” Fortanasce said.

Fortanasce has donated more than $500,000 to Little League baseball through profits from “Life Lessons From Little League” and “Life Lessons From Soccer.”

He also was instrumental in Little League switching to softer balls and the use of helmets on the field after one of his godchildren was hit on the head by a line drive. He was inducted to the Little League Hall of Excellence in 1994.

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As you have seen, nobody left out, the Pope and other celebrities have been affected and have used muscle relaxants, and in most cases been supplemented with relaxation exercises and muscle relaxation techniques, but I leave that issue for other items.

In summary, Celebrities who use Muscle Relaxer Medications is across the globe, and have suffered like us.