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Stops Leg and Foot Cramps

You can Stops Leg and Foot Cramps, right NOW!
What are muscle cramps?
A muscle cramp is an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax. When we use the muscles that can be controlled voluntarily, such as those of our arms and legs, they alternately contract and relax as we move our limbs. Muscles that support our head, neck, and trunk contract similarly in a synchronized fashion to maintain our posture. A muscle (or even a few fibers of a muscle) that involuntarily (without consciously willing it) contracts is in a “spasm.” If the spasm is forceful and sustained, it becomes a cramp. Muscle cramps often cause a visible or palpable hardening of the involved muscle.

Muscle cramps facts 

A muscle cramp is an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax.
Almost everyone experiences a muscle cramp at some time in their life.
There are a variety of types and causes of muscle cramps.
Numerous medicines can cause muscle cramps.
Most muscle cramps can be stopped if the muscle can be stretched.
Muscle cramps can often be prevented by measures such as adequate nutrition and hydration, attention to safety when exercising, and attention to ergonomic factors.

Description of Stops Leg and Foot Cramps

Proven Old Amish Formula
Stops Leg and Foot Cramps in About One Minute
All Natural Ingredients

StopsLegCramps.com is a time-proven Amish remedy that immediately stops agonizing nighttime leg or foot cramps. It can take from 20 seconds up to two minutes to completely eliminate the craps and they don’t return for over 24 hours.

The ingredients are blended in just the right proportions to stop cramps in less than 2 minutes. (From 20 seconds to 120 seconds average).

Suggested Use of Stops Leg and Foot Cramps

Note: Before using shake bottle vigorously for 5-10 seconds.

1 or 2 tablespoonsful […]

December Native Remedies Special


Nothing better to end the year December Native Remedies Special, because health comes first.

We invite you to start 2014 with overall health, and as we say here:

Cardiac Diet for Healthy Cholesterol and Weight Loss

Cholesterol, a lipid found in cell membranes of tissues, can be a cause of concern for health conscious people since high levels can cause major health issues. Cholesterol is insoluble in blood and is carried in the circulatory system by lipoproteins. Low density lipoproteins or LDL builds up cholesterol in the arteries. High density lipoproteins or HDL takes cholesterol out of the blood. Abnormally higher levels of LDL and lower levels of functional HDL are strongly associated with cardiovascular disease, the harbinger of myocardial infarction, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.


Most of the cholesterol is synthesized by the liver itself. This proportion of the cholesterol in the body is not affected by the type of food that we eat. However, a substantial quantity of cholesterol is also derived from the food we eat and therefore can be managed with proper diet.


Even though healthy diet choices can keep the arteries free of cholesterol, we pay minimal attention to what eat when we are young. The reality check on cholesterol generally occurs after the age of forty when the harm has already been done. By this age, we are so accustomed to a particular diet that it becomes difficult, if not impossible to change over to a diet that is heart-friendly.


Unlike the so-called healthy weight loss plans,  that are inclined towards slimness with no regard to nutritional needs, the cardiac diet is based on sound medical principles. The diet proposes gradual and natural weight loss, with focus on reducing the risk of heart disease or stroke by promoting weight loss. It aims at managing cholesterol levels through dietary modifications and a move towards a more active lifestyle. Though the diet is primarily meant for those who have, unfortunately, experienced cardiac […]

Homeopathic medicines boost the immune system

Homeopathic medicines and Lifestyles.

Changed lifestyles have been instrumental in affecting the immune system in a highly negative way. The immune system is a complex arrangement that involves the liver, spleen, thymus, the lymphatic system and bone marrow, which work in tandem to maintain resistance to disease.


This immunity is partly inherited. It also depends upon the lifestyle that individuals choose to adopt. The hurry with which we want to treat minor ailments is probably the main reason behind frequent attacks of common cold and fu or an increased susceptibility to disease.


Instead of waiting for the body to heal itself or looking for an antibiotic alternative like an herbal antibiotic , the tendency is to rush to conventional antibiotics for quick relief. In most of the cases, immune system health is compromised due to an excessive use of antibiotics.


Moreover, an antibiotic ceases to be effective if it is taken without a proper diagnosis or prescribed without determining the specific bacteria that has caused the disease. Ginger and other dried herbs for immune system steeped in boiling water, for example, will relieve symptoms of a sore throat, common cold while boosting the immune system health.


Homeopathy provides another natural alternative to avoid indiscriminate use of antibiotics. Homeopathy believes that the same substance that causes a disease will cure it in its diluted form. For example, coffee leads to sleeplessness but an extremely diluted remedy prepared from coffee itself will ultimately cure it. Some of the basic principles of homoeopathy include:


* The foremost priority should be to boost the immune system so that the body can heal by itself.

* Symptoms are manifestations of the body’s attempt to treat itself.

* Only natural substances and herbs should be used to prepare a […]

Muscle Relaxers. Drugs in class: Cyclobenzaprine, Carisoprodol, Methocarbamol.

Are there alternatives to traditional muscle relaxants?
Yeah, sure there are.

There are many alternatives, and some natural calls, show better results than traditional pills.

Also are developing some alternative muscle relaxants with new technologies.


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently issued a patent to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services involving resiniferatoxin, or RTX, an experimental compound that represents a potential new class of drugs to alleviate the intractable pain that can occur in people with advanced cancer, severe arthritis, and other extremely chronic conditions.

“While RTX remains an investigational drug, the patent licensed to our commercial partner provides further incentive to move the drug through clinical development,” said Mark L. Rohrbaugh, Ph.D., J.D., director of NIH’s Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), which manages patents and licenses to inventions made by NIH and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists. “The patent increases the likelihood that RTX will not end up on a laboratory shelf as a stalled or lost opportunity, but instead will have the potential to improve the lives of people with intractable pain.”

The method patent specifically covers intrathecal administration of RTX, meaning its injection into the spine’s thecal sac. The thecal sac is formed from layers of connective tissue and surrounds the spinal cord. Bundles of peripheral nerve roots feed into the fluid-filled sac, where their incoming sensory signals are routed onward along the spine and to the brain.

From www.nidcr.nih.gov

How to Manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pain?

Do you know what is fibromyalgia?


Some Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pain are caused by fibromyalgia then…
How to Manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pain?
First we must know what is fibromyalgia.

What Is Fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain, stiffness, and tenderness of muscles, tendons, and joints. It is also characterized by restless sleep, awakening feeling tired, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and disturbances in bowel function. The condition is non-life-threatening and does not cause body damage, deformity, or injury to internal body organs. Fibromyalgia is sometimes referred to as fibromyalgia syndrome and abbreviated FMS. Fibromyalgia was formerly called fibrositis.
What Does the Name Fibromyalgia Mean?
The word fibromyalgia comes from the Latin term for fibrous tissue (“fibro”) and the Greek terms for muscle (“myo”) and pain (“algia”).
Is Fibromyalgia a Form of Arthritis?
Fibromyalgia is considered an arthritis-related condition. However, it is not a form of arthritis (a disease of the joints) since it does not cause inflammation in the joints, muscles, or other tissues or damage thembut rather a muscle disorder. But fibromyalgia can (like arthritis) cause significant pain and fatigue, and it can similarly interfere with a person’s ability to carry on daily activities.

Whom Does Fibromyalgia Affect?
Fibromyalgia affects predominantly women (over 80% of those affected are women) between the ages of 35 and 55. Less commonly, fibromyalgia can also affect men, children, and the elderly. It can occur independently or can be associated with another disease, such as systemic lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. The prevalence of fibromyalgia varies in different countries. In Sweden and Britain, 1% of the population is affected by fibromyalgia. In the United States, approximately 4% of the population has fibromyalgia.
What Causes Fibromyalgia?
The cause of fibromyalgia is not known. Those affected experience pain in response to stimuli that are normally […]

Vitamin B-Complex

NR Essentials™ Vitamin B-Complex

NR Essentials™ Vitamin B-Complex is a blend of B vitamins — nutrients that are vital for a healthy metabolism. B vitamins help synthesize neurotransmitters and metabolize proteins and fats. It plays a role in supporting good moods and is helpful in learning and memory.
What Makes NR Essentials™ Different?
It’s not always easy to get the nutrients you need, but we make it simple to get the benefits of B vitamins with a balanced supplement.

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Muscle Relaxers Over the Counter or Natural Muscle Relaxers

Muscle Relaxers Over the Counter or Natural Muscle Relaxers

Thanks for participating.
In Muscle Relaxers List, continue to believe that this community we all do.
Welcome to a new stage.

Homeopathy and Muscle Relaxers OTC

Homeopathy and Muscle Relaxers OTC (Over the Counter) get along very well.
As we know natural muscle relaxants are an excellent complement to traditional medicines, and sometimes can replace perfectly.

Homeopathy has a very solid principles, which are supported by scientific rationale for many years.

One of the problems are solved more frequently with natural muscle relaxants are muscle spasms. On the market a variety of laboratories with a range of products covering almost every front in terms of muscle problems.

Read this article that goes into detail about homeopathy and then leave me a comment to know what you think about it. The original article can be viewed here.

Homeopathy and Muscle Relaxers OTC (Over the Counter)
Homeopathy and Muscle Relaxers OTC: Efficacy and Evidence Base

There are many misconceptions about homeopathic medicine. One of them is that it is not scientific but a chimera, at best. It is dismissed by skeptics without considering the evidence justly. Science is supposed to be a method and not an ideological end in itself. Many so called scientists have taken their pseudo-scientific practices to increase their stock value or advance their career rather than answer the right questions ethically and objectively. There are still many unanswered yet answerable questions about homeopathy only if we can approach them honestly.

There is no other branch of medical therapeutics that can claim this degree of stability. However, to bring homeopathy to current times we will need to perform more rigorous and repeated testing of the technique. The definition Hahnemann gave to homeopathy, “similia similibus curentur” in latin, means: “let like cure like”. Homeopaths look for a similarity between the patient’s symptoms and the remedy to use for the treatment.


The second principle of homeopathy, the minimum dose, involves the use of the smallest dose necessary to see a response in the patient. This principle influenced conventional medicine during the 19th century and moved regular physicians to use this principle, still in practice today. A corollary to this principle is the use, in homeopathy, of extremely diluted substances as […]